Elf Online Close Beta Bug Hunting & Double Experience Event

It had been two days since the Elf Online close beta began in Dec. 8th. During close beta, players are immersed in the fun of the game and say high of it. Thank you for your participation in Elf Online Closed Beta. We hope you enjoy Elf Online and all the fun it has to offer. We are asking for your help and feedback regarding to the game. While enjoying Elf Online, if you happen to run into any bugs, please report this to elfonlinegm@yahoo.com and you could have a chance to win some great prizes!

Furthermore, all players will receive double experience during close beta, making you able to explore the Elf Online world to a deeper layer.

How to Win
Using the following format, enter all the information about what you discovered. At the end of Closed Beta, all submissions will be looked at and counted. Ten winners who report the most unique bugs will receive a prize. If you report the most creative bug (as determined/judged by Elf Online Team), you will also receive a prize.

Bug Description:
Location in Game (if necessary):
Special items needed:
NPC Related:
System Specs (OS, Processor, Video Card, RAM):
Your Location:
Internet Service Provider:
Internet Connection Speed:
Other Details:
Screenshot: (Your could press Print Screen to get screenshot.)

First Place (One Player): One i Phone
Second Place (Ten Players): 10000 Elf Online Item Mall Points
Third Place (Thirty Players): 5000 Elf Online Item Mall Points

Rules & Regulations
The decisions of the Game Masters are final and Rules & Regulations are subject to change with or without prior notice.
All postings are subject to a validity test by the Elf Online GM Team.
All Bugs must be posted in the Bug Report Forum where there is a thread specifically for this Event.
Any player who posts anything other than bugs is the Event Thread will automatically be disqualified.
Winners will be announced and rewarded during the Open Beta of Elf Online.

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