Elf Online Close Beta Review

Elf Online Close Beta Review

ELF Online in close beta but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying a cartoon humorous MMO.
Players are able to change into four interesting professions; Rover who is quick and nimble and acute, Soldier who has high defense and HP, Magician has strong individual attack ability and scholar who can revive the deceased and recover his and other’s HP.

Players are able to catch hundreds of different pets with 5 different attributes that can help them fight. Instead of using a pokeball, try using some special bait to catch them. Pets not only have physical attacks but players have the options to use Skill Stones to add magic and skills for their pets. Pets can even heal players.

You shouldn’t take your pets for granted. They’ll ran off somewhere or even peck you in battle if you don’t treat them well. Be sure to feed them some yummy treats like Biscuits or Canned Duck meat to show them you care.

Low on HP or MP? This game is loaded with a wide selection of foods to choice from. Does your character prefer Delicious Fast Food or Plum Juice? They can even use a Deep Blue Blood Bag to recover 250 HP.

Dreamt about being a cook or making your own armor? Want to harvest some crops or shoot some mice for meat? Players have the option to obtain cooking skills. Instead of buying food from the Npc why not make your own food. Mine some ore and start your own blacksmith shop.

Tons of quests to complete, many towns and maps to visit. You won’t run out of things to do.

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