Elf Online Guild War

Do you want to have your domain in Elf Online (http://elf.happymmo.com). So, go to fight siege war. And im here to help you guys to win a town! Even if your guild only have low lvl members or week members its alright, a guild like that still can win the war. First of all,you make a few team, maybe 10 -15 team should be enough if the members are week, then tell them all to go to the town you want to win and wait for your enemies while you are hiding your teams. When the war starts, first get your weakest team to fight them and of course that team lose, then the 2nd team go and fight them and make sure try not to let them have a chance to heal after each battle. After the 2nd team fights if the enemy is still there use the 3rd team and continue until you win. Using this method I can say you will win for sure. You will win because of

A) your enemies’ hp gets low and your team can kill them easily.
B) your enemies should be tire of fighting and they would just leave the war.
C) your enemies’ computer might have bad internet problem if and disconnects then you automatically win
D) your enemies’ friends or parents’ might get mad because they are on the computer for a long time and they are punished and force to leave the computer therefore you will auto win again.

Well that isn’t the only way to win a siege war. Another way to win is to run, run away from the enemies. While you are running your enemies will try to catch you, and they might accidentally ran into portals and you win automatically again.

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