Elf Online New Element Leak

Elf Online New Element Leak
ELF Online, one of most special adventure online game has made its first debut recently. This game has embraced a lot of elements and essences from the current and ancient culture of Orient and Occident. It will soon compete against other online games with its unique style.
ELF Online has combined the popular internet culture elements and the raising prank trend well with its creative game system and exquisite graphics will lead the non-mainstream online game to the public spotlight.
As a game with pet as its selling point, ELF Online has played more and more importance to its large scale pet system. In the former time, the pet system was monotonous in category and playing. Now, everything will be changed. ELF Online will improve its pet system.
New pet
Large number of new pets will be introduced when open beta begins. And pet’s inborn attribute will be adjusted by and large. After been improved, the pet will become stronger and the playing will be verified, and players can enjoy a new experience in it.
Pet skill tree
As the most concerned improvement of this time, pet skill will exert more effect. Players can not only control the developing direction of the pet skill, but also raise your unique superior pet innovatively on the basis of pet categories and branches. The pet skill tree will work its magic attraction and, as the operation team of ELF Online said, “lead an unprecedented perfect revolution”.
Currently, the new functions of the game have been well prepared and they will be introduced during open beta. The updated news about them will be reported to players through media every now and then. New experience in fantastic adventure world—– About more information, please head to official website of ELF Online
More details please visit our official site at http://elf.happymmo.com/game

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