Elf Online Profession Skills Preview

ELF Online is a revolutionary cute style online game for its creative and exquisite graphic and characteristic jocose prank system. All players can enjoy themselves in such a dreamlike paradise created by ELF Online.
The large scale profession system has become the most prominent feature of this game: The inborn fighting desire of the worriors who perfectly present the close-fighting art. To defend like cast iron or to attack overwhelmingly? That’s a question! Worriors fight in the front line forever; Smart agility, excellent accuracy, high attack are the characteristics of the rovers who are known as “the most swift assassin”. Their distant attack ability is considered as the eternal nightmare to the enemy; With devout belief, the scholars cure and protect their fellowers. Their incomparable cure and revival skills make scholar undoubtedly the unshakeable spring of life; Group attack is the symbol of magicia. High damage caused by the magician series is hard to resist for all the adversaries. Their unfathomable magic can not only hurt the single enemy easily, but also inflict pain and sufferings on the major monsters…
These four professions and their ten branches have composed the large profession system of ELF Online. Each of the four factions represents firmness, power, piety, sagacity and has their own characteristic mighty skills. Now, let’s unveil the mysterious exclusive skills of these four profession and appreciate the mighty skills we haven’t seen before.

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