Elsword Goes Green with In-Game Arbor Day Activites

Elsword Goes Green with In-Game Arbor Day Activities




Kill3rCombo is now offering Elsword players the chance to get eco-friendly the virtual way during the Elarbor in-game event. Starting tomorrow through Tuesday, May 8, fans of the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game will be tasked with obliterating menacing forces that threaten to destroy the forest. By planting trees to curb the affects of evil adversaries, players can overcome rivals and restore Elrios to beauty.



Features of the Elarbor festivities include:

New event dungeon – In addition to erecting trees and warding off enemies, players will also be able to experience the special “Tears of Ruben” forest dungeon. In this area, gamers will encounter different bosses each time they enter, increasing difficulty and adding a challenging twist.

Quests and rewards – Along with protecting the forest, players will be able to receive plenty of rewards, such as Enhancement Stones and El Shards. Additionally, gamers are encouraged to watch out for the descendants of Mandrasil, who will appear in villages to provide new quests and rewards.

Upgraded gear – Players can also go incognito to defeat opponents by crafting permanent Mandrasil Weapon Costumes and donning Monster Masks.

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