Elsword Launches New Playable Character, Chung

Elsword Launches New Playable Character, Chung



Kill3rCombo has unleashed a brand-new character into the world of Elrios, home of the award-winning manga-inspired MMORPG Elsword. Starting today, players can assume the role of Chung, the sixth distinct character in the Elsword roster. Although he may not look intimidating at first glance, Chung is a powerful brawler, wields a trademark cannon bigger than himself, and possesses the ability to transform into a merciless berserk mode.

“With the addition of Chung to the Elsword lineup, we’re deepening the gaming experience for seasoned players while offering newcomers a whole new style of gameplay,” said Ben Colayco, CEO of Kill3rCombo. “Our goal is to keep Elsword fresh and exciting for everyone, and the debut of a new character always shakes things up.”

As prince of the Seiker Family, Chung’s birthright entitles him to a set of armor called Freitunier. By donning the Freitunier, Chung is able to become a human fortress, vanquishing enemies with the Destroyer, his trusty cannon. Skillfully navigating levels through the use of Hyper Mode and the Cannonball System, Chung crushes opponents with his offensive power and nimble escapes. Upon reaching level 15, Chung can expand his fighting prowess as a hot-shot Shooting Guardian or damage-dealing Fury Guardian.



For more info check out Chung’s launch trailer and our exclusive launch interview only @ OnRPG!

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