Elsword Reveals Major November Updates

Elsword Reveals Major November Updates

 By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), OnRPG Editor-in-Chief


Kill3rCombo, North American publishers for Elsword, are excitedly tantalizing their gaming base and my writing staff with what looks to be a November to remember. Starting on the 9th, Elsword will be rolling out 2 new Velder dungeons, a completely revamped PvP system, and a series of events leading up to the release of Eve the Queen of Ancient Nasad.



Once November 9th rolls around be sure to camp your character in Velder to be among the first to experience the two new dungeons being hosted at the ‘Southern Gate’ and ‘Commercial Area 1.’ These intensely difficult dungeons will be filled with Glitter monsters, dark elves, epic bosses, and a few nasty surprises. Oh and if you aren’t feeling motivated because you’re stuck at level cap, fear not! The cap is being bumped up to level 50 with a series of new quest lines to help you reach it.



If you’re more of the veteran gamer who is just looking for a true challenge, the revamped PvP arenas may interest you. A better-than-ever match making system is being installed to get you up against people on your own level so everyone can have fun. You can also grind up Arena Points to trade them in for a series of 400+ rare, elite, and unique gear sets to bolster your character to its limits. Also expect a few surprise appearances from epic NPC Heroes to throw some chaos into your battles.



Feeling a bit lonely spending your days in Elsword? Well this patch hopes to address that by upping the rewards for players that take on big bosses in teams rather than solo. If only more MMOs understood this concept. Sheesh.



Finally, beginning on the 9th a series of events will begin to unfold in anticipation of Eve the Queen of Ancient Nasad. You will have to take up arms in arena to defeat epic NPCs and other players, defeat Eva the Eve imposter, and defeat the last two Velder dungeons on maximum difficulty to claim all the rewards. The clock will be counting down so don’t wait!



Stay tuned to OnRPG as we bring you a closer look at Eve later this month! Also if you’ve never touched this game, I highly recommend you check out the arcade action madness that is Elsword.

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