Elsword Ups Level Cap to 80 for New Lanox Dungeons

KOG Games has released new content to the North American servers of Elsword to give players some truly tough content to sink their teeth into, and level in up to the new cap of 80! Venture further into the mysterious fiery lands of Lanox as you enter Phantasmal Geyser and Volcanic Flame Entrance.

Elsword Level 80 Cap

In addition to the two new dungeons, there’s plenty of limited time events going on to reward you for getting back in to the game right away. Stay logged in to claim the I Like Fish and Hiking King limited titles to gain a huge advantage when tackling the new dungeons! One day Diorama costume sets can also be earned this way.

Fore more details, catch the VOD of GM Crow and Sonata’s reveal of the new dungeons on the official Twitch channel.

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