Embrace the Magic of Destruction in Fictorum, now on PC

Fictorum Release Trailer - YouTube

Power corrupts, but absolute power’s kind of neat. Sometimes [usually] it leads to horrific, disastrous results, such as what is happening in the world of Fictorum. Rather than worry about things like morals, laws, or ethics, it encourages you to create the largest, destructive ball of fire and obliterate whatever stands in your way. It’s a game chock-full of spell-shaping, incredible power, and being a one-man magical army-slapping army. It’s live, and right from the word “go” you have the power to level castles, and hurl untold levels of magic at whatever happens to offend you. From destructible environments, a choose your own adventure story style, and relive your past lives in the Void, it’s got something for everyone. It’s live online on Steam and GOG!

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