Emil Chronicle Online

Emil Chronicle Online has ended their closed beta on the 22nd July 2009 with a celebration party held at Tiny Island.

Throughout the 14 days of closed beta, the game had built up a strong and friendly community with helpful players guiding the new and lost.

Run Up Game held the first ever English Emil Chronicle Online Closed Beta on the 8th July 2009 and since then, Emil Chronicle Online had been a hot topic among the MMORPG community.

Emil Chronicle Online is a Free to Play MMORPG which attracted a lot of players due to its 3D anime graphic. It gives players a feeling as if they are watching an anime/comic while enjoying their adventurous journey.

As the closed beta ended, Run Up Game will be working closely with the developers to improve the game features to provide a best experience for the gamers.

More information about Emil Chronicle Online can be obtain through the official website.

Emil Chronicle

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