Enjoymmo.com Christmas Special

As Christmas is around the corner, Enjoymmo.com has prepared some grand Christmas parties in their fantastic game world. All of the gamers are invited to the carnival. Please check out the special activities and see if you are interested.

Magic World Online

Christmas Package made in MWO
The lovely Santa Claus has sent the Christmas package to every corner in magic world land. You can claim the Christmas package from MWO Ambassador (Sky city, 197,160) (Sun city, 173,175) in the event duration. But each character can only claim the Christmas package once. Open it, and you will get Christmas special stall, Christmas equipments and so on.

Collect Christmas Stockings
You will find a new monster named Naughty Christmas Pig appearing in maps in Christmas. When the event starts, the naughty Christmas pig will drop a temporary item called “Refined Stocking”. When you collect enough stockings, you can change them for a present in the Christmas tree (Empire: Sun city 220,220) (Dynasty: Sky city 218,210)

1 Christmas Stocking = A special Xmas Gift
25 Christmas Stockings = A Xmas Card (N)
50 Christmas Stockings = An Ice Box
200 Christmas Stockings = A Blessed Crystal (Big)

Magic Xmas Ice Suit

When you kill the naughty Christmas pig, you will probably get an ice box. Open it, and you will get one piece of Xmas Ice Suit which includes Gauntlets, Shoes, Hat, Belt, Cloak, Clothes and Weapon randomly. If you collect a complete set of Xmas Ice, you can exchange them into one set of Cryolite Suit of your class. If you collect three identical pieces of Xmas Ice Suit, you can exchange them for a corresponding Cryolite equipment. For example, if a warrior has three Xmas Ice Gauntlets, he can exchange them into one Cryolite Power Gauntlets (Xmas Item).

Chaos Online

1. On the Christmas day, if you can find the GMs in the game, you will be awarded with Christmas Suit!
2.GMs will ask questions in both race channels. The first player to answer the question correctly, will be rewarded with a Lv. 3 Crystal!

Legend of Golden Plume

1 Cooking With Santa Claus
Christmas is coming. Dear Santa Claus wants to make everyone some delicious snacks but his reindeers are missing and he cannot collect materials on his own. Please bring Santa some materials when you visit him, and he’ll make you something delicious.
Players can collect the required items and exchange them with Santa Claus in Golden Plume City for some Christmas gifts.

2 How the Elves Stole Christmas
Santa Claus has been anxious these days because two naughty elves stole the gifts he prepared for children. It’s said that the Christmas Stocking is on one of them. Help Santa retrieve the gifts, and the stocking will be yours!

During the event time, some Christmas Thieves will spawn every hour. The Rumor Channel will have an announcement when they appear “Some identically same Christmas Thieves show up in the wilderness. It’s hard to tell which one is real.”

3 Christmas Light
In this holiday season, we’d like to put energy to our weapons too. All the weapons from Level +3 will be shining!

4 New Class Costumes for Christmas
Christmas is coming. It brings colorful Christmas Trees and falling snow to Golden Plume City. Besides, Santa Claus prepares a new suit of costume for everyone! When you reach Level 10, you can go to your Class Mentor and claim the gift.

Wish all gamers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009!

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