Enjoymmo Games: Halloween Celebration

Halloween is almost upon us, keeping this in mind we have decided to join the fun! On the one epic day every year where ghosts and ghouls come out to play, Enjoymmo Games has chosen to keep with Halloween tradition by releasing Special events for Magic World Online, Phoenix Dynasty Online, and Legend of Golden Plume. Each game will have different events at different times so check out the schedule below and come join us!

Magic World Online:
October 31st – All day
We have modified the Level 1 Pandora Box to give out Transmutation stones at a higher rate, allowing players to turn into NPC’s and Monsters alike.

Phoenix Dynasty Online:
October 31st – 9:30pm and 10:30pm (PST)
GMs will appear in Phoenix Village, sending free pumpkin hats as the gifts for Halloween; all the players coming to the site will receive the gift. In addition, we will double the item drop rate in the following week to your gain!

Legend of Golden Plume:
October 30th – November 1st (PST)
Collect as many candies as you can. During the event time, all monsters will drop Jack’s Candy and Jack’s Cookie at a certain rate. Every 5 minutes, you have 30% chance of meeting with a “Trick-or-treater“. Give him his favorite candies or cookies, and he’ll give you a big surprise, or he is going to follow you everywhere until you enter Golden Plume City.

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