Erectus the Game Closed Beta Announced

 Erectus the Game Closed Beta Announced

Dutch developer Maata Games is proud to announce the Closed Beta release of their free-to-play strategy based empire builder MMO, Erectus the Game. A limited number of players will be able to access the game and experience first hand the improvements made since the Alpha.

The name Erectus is taken from Homo erectus, the ancestor of modern man. Both human races want their space to live and became enemies in Erectus the Game. Players take on the role of Homo sapiens and build their empires with the end goal of defeating the Homo erectus armies. The story takes place 130,000 years ago and allows players to form alliances and unite against the common enemy as well as against each other.

Players’ success will rely heavily on their strategic, economic and diplomatic management skills. As the game world shifts, players will have to quickly adapt their strategies and successfully micromanage their empire in order to expand and achieve greatness.

Maata Games Founder Paul Ludwig comments “For fans of strategy builder games, first and foremost we want to deliver the best player experience possible. We have focused heavily on offering flexibility and choice to our players which will ultimately bring a highly competitive game aimed at the strategist.” Ludwig continues “This next phase of Closed Beta will allow us to gain player feedback and continue to improve the game”.


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