Establish Guild Colonies with BBO

Info series for the upcoming colony add-on for Bounty Bay Online has started
From December on, player guilds in Bounty Bay Online will be able to establish entire colonies everywhere in the maritime world with adjoining cities and harbors. Already before Christmas Frogster, will publish this second free of charge expansion under the working title “Colony Add-on”. In the official forum the Berlin based publisher has started with an info series for this big content-update, which will present all features in detail on a weekly basis. The first part explains the colony harbor system. The new quests are being introduced in the second part of the info series.

On the webpage interested players can register themselves for Bounty Bay Online and sail away immediately.The info series about the colony add-on begins with the colony harbor system, the core piece of the expansion. Thanks to this new feature it will be possible for all guilds from December on to establish their own colony and to build their own city with a harbor. In the different harbors it will be possible to import, stock, produce and trade various goods. Colony owners can decide for themselves between three different outer appearances. In this way, successful guilds create for themselves an individual and distinctive home and retreat. Besides the outer appearance, colony owners have the choice between four different development paths. These paths define the future function of a colony.

Players can choose from the following four possibilities:
• Industrial Harbor: Specializes in the research of weapons, armor and the trade of pets.
• Business Harbor: Specializes in the trade of materials between the different colonies.
• Collectors Harbor: Specializes in importing and gathering of materials which can normally only be bought from NPC’s.
• Military Harbor: Specializes in the research of new ships, new ship features, canons and ammunition.

After last years add-on “Storm Island” was released which raised the maximum level, added new special skills, dungeons, player-ships, items and quests, BBO players will get even more content, with which they can shape the gaming world and improve the overall gaming experience in any way they would like. Besides advantages previously mentioned, the colony add-on will strengthen the guild coherence, because guilds will for the first time be able to construct and administer their own zones. Therefore, these new features will improve their game experience with benefits such as improved attack power or faster ships.

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