Ether Saga Online: Christmas Celebrations!

Ether Saga Online: Christmas Celebrations!
Our friends at Perfect World Entertainment have informed us that the following exciting events are awaiting you in the Manga Inspired Ether Saga Online:

Christmas Card Exchange Quest

Exchange cards with other players to receive Turtle Shells. The more turtle shells you have at the end of the event, the better your “Christmas Gift” reward will be.
(NPC – Christmas Card Seller)

Ether Saga Online - Snowman Coldy Pet


Adopt a Penguin

Players complete a series of quests ranging from collecting items to killing monsters. Each quest rewards them with a penguin egg. After collecting enough eggs, they get the penguin pet.


Stockings Quest

On Dec. 24th, stockings will appear around Pokari. Players that harvest them are rewarded with a title and a random prize.

Ether Saga Online - Celebrate Christmas with a Tree


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