Ether Saga: Open Beta launched!

Perfect World Entertainment Inc today announced that the beta for its popular new online game Ether Saga Online is now open to all gamers.  As the closed beta comes to an end, new and existing gamers will be provided open access to Ether Saga Online where they can fully immerse themselves in the expansive world and create permanent characters that will remain in the game through launch and beyond.
"The initial response to Ether Saga Online has been very enthusiastic and we are excited to officially open the game world to an even larger audience of gamers," said Dr. Alan Chen, CEO of Perfect World Entertainment Inc.  "We are encouraged by the growing popularity of our free-to-play model and the greater level of customization it offers for both traditional MMORPG gamers and for those players that are new to the genre."
Based on the Chinese literary classic, Journey to the West, Ether Saga Online combines a robust feature set with lavish graphics and a youthful anime style.  The game’s intuitive game play systems and large variety of unique features create a truly one of a kind experience for gamers of all skill sets.  Unlike other MMORPG games that charge subscription fees, Ether Saga Online allows players to immerse themselves in the expansive game world free of charge.  Once inside, players can earn and spend in-game currency to upgrade their character and an assortment of items in real-time to enhance and personalize their game play experience.
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