Eudemons Celebrates New Mounts with Body Paint

Eudemons Celebrate New Mounts with Body Paint




MMO games and art are inseparable. Game design itself is a kind of modern art form. The characters, landscapes, and light effects, all of these are a form of artistic expression. Beautiful girls, an essential part of any MMO game, can also be a form of art.



The long running fantasy MMORPG, Eudemons Online, is about to release another new expansion before Christmas. To have a little fun while publicizing this brand new expansion, Trumpet of the Legionnaire, the TQ team decided to check out body painting, a form of body art. Many professional artists and models came to help, but the tiger and cheetah were especially fascinating.



These monsters are going to be the new Legion Eudemons and Mounts in the upcoming Eudemons Online expansion. Legion wars and PK action will become more intense and challenging with their help. Will you heed the call to battle, or be trampled beneath the onslaught? Build up your own Legion right now, and be ready to fight on Dec. 22nd!

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