Eudemons: Celebrity Hall Coming in October!

Have you ever longed to be fighting against/with the best of the best in Eudemons Online? To be with people at your own level to give you that extra challenge and spring in your step? You’ll have a statue too! Our suggestion is to double your efforts and head to the Celebrity Hall! Be amongst the most feared and revered!
Being allowed into the Celebrity Hall is an honor for only those who are courageous and reputable enough. The Celebrity Hall is a new world for you to strive for; a new height for you to bring new meaning to your profound efforts.
The teleporter can send you to the Celebrity Hall whenever you would like. As the name would not suggest, you may murderously attack anyone you so wish to. It is a place of carnage and chaos; a grand battle royal of epic obliterating proportions. Destroy everything; have fun. Take out other players’ statues.
If you wish to test your mettle and prepare yourself and enter the Celebrity Hall for some, perhaps frustrating, satisfying gameplay.

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