Eudemons: Celebrity Hall – For Courageous and Reputable Ones Only

Have you ever longed to be fighting against the best of the best in Eudemons Online? To be with people at your own level? To have that extra challenge and spring in your step? Then you need to double your efforts and head for Celebrity Hall! Be amongst the most feared and revered, and you’ll even get a statue!

Being allowed into Celebrity Hall is an honor for only those who are worthy and courageous enough to belong among the elite. The Celebrity Hall is a new world for you to strive for; a new height to bring new meaning to your profound efforts.

The teleporter can send you to the Celebrity Hall whenever you would like. You couldn’t tell from the name, but this is not a place for the weak or faint of heart. It is a place of carnage and chaos; a grand battle royal of epic proportions. Here, you have free reign to destroy whomever might be foolish enough to challenge you. Pity does not exist here, only victory.

If you wish to test your mettle, you should prepare yourself and enter the Celebrity Hall for some, satisfying (if not a little frustrating) gameplay.

If you are among the top 1,000 strongest players on your server and wish to test your might, just ready your weapon and enter the Celebrity Hall.

From October, you can build your own statue in the Celebrity Hall if your battle power is high enough to destroy others’ and take their place.

How to Enter Celebrity Hall
Talk to Lucas in Cronus (305,420), the administrator will be here to give you more details about Celebrity Hall.

You can check the Celebrity Hall rankings before signing up. You can check the target’s basic information such as class, level, and equipment. Battle Power in the Celebrity Hall = level + Summoned Eudemon + Equipment + Nobility Rank + Castle Level Click the button ‘Go to Celebrity Hall’ and you can enter the Celebrity Hall from the Market.

Sign Up
1. The Celebrity Hall is classified into 5 different zones with different difficulties. Based on your current Battle Power, please be wise when choosing which zone you want to enter!

2. If a statue hasn’t been taken yet, you can click on it to register your rank.

3. After signing up, your equipment and summoned Eudemons will be recorded.

4. Then you can place a statue in the Celebrity Hall. But if you give your registered equipment or Eudemons away, your rank in the celebrity hall will be canceled. So you can strengthen your battle power by improving your equipment or composing your Eudemons in the market.

When a statue is built and you wish to destroy it and take its place, you must submit a challenge.

1. Click a statue and check its details.

2. You can only challenge those whose Battle Power is less than 50 above yours. Click the ‘Challenge’ button to fight the target!

3. If you have defeated the target, you can smash his/her statue and replace it with your own.

Place a Statue
There are many kinds of poses you can choose from. Once you have made a decision, click on the Button ‘Freeze’ and set the statue. Your can choose whatever gestures you would like.

Now you have built your own statue, which will be the symbol of your greatness. You may attack anyone you so wish to, if for nothing more than to satisfy your urge for blood. The ultimate battleground has come. Show no fear, take no prisoners, and seize your destiny but its throat! Become the next champion of Eudemons!

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