Eudemons Christmas events!

Christmas is upon our doorstep now. For this grand festival, the TQ team has prepared a string of special events for our loyal playership.

1. EO Christmas Quests
Duration: Dec. 23rd to Dec. 25th
The Christmas quest series consists of 5 individual quests. In these elaborate quests, players will help Santa Claus to deliver Christmas gifts to people in CronusCity; beat up some villains who try to sabotage the festive season, and make a giant Christmas snowman.
During this quest series, players will enjoy immersive plotlines and gameplay, obtain Exp, God’s Blessing, and other various prizes, moreover, feel the warm Christmas spirit.

2. Weekend Military Exercise
Duration: Dec. 27th and Dec. 28th 14:30-15:00, 19: 30-20: 00 (twice a day)
To celebrate Christmas and the New Year, the Queen will host a Military Exercise to show the power of the kingdom. Players can join this gallant parade and show their strength in front of Her Majesty.
In return, the Queen will reward Expballs to outstanding soldiers.
Please visit the Military Exercise guide page for details.

3. Christmas Sale
Duration: Dec. 23rd to Dec. 30th
To express TQ’s appreciation, Eudemons Online will have Christmas sales for all players throughout Christmas. You can enjoy up-to a 50% discount. It is a great opportunity to purchase some cool items, power up and customize your character.

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