Eudemons: Demon Cases Quest

The summer of 2009 will be one of the hottest yet for EO players as we will be bringing exciting events and new quests for you, as promised! And what’s coming up next will really make you sweat! Just check it out!
Chapman has been appointed to sell 7 kinds of Demon Cases in Cronus, each of which is sealed with some strange markings. Once opened, monsters will be released. Kill them and you will be handsomely rewarded with bountiful gifts of abundant EPs and EXP Stones!!
The cases are priced differently according to the levels of the monsters sealed inside. The rewards are given out randomly but you should keep in mind that the stronger monsters you slay the better prize you get!
If you are lucky enough, you could even win a prize of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of EPs! Yeah, seriously, it’s true!
So, be prepared! It’s coming on July 31st! Good luck and have fun!
Eu Demons
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