Eudemons: Demon Rising: The Vengeance Flame of Alamut!

Eudemons: Demon Rising: The Vengeance Flame of Alamut!

The lovely team at Eudemons has sent us the following guide on how to find you way around the many challenges in the Demon Rising Expansion!
Once the most brilliant warrior of Cronus, Alamut knows his land well. By offering the soul and body as the final sacrifice to the demons, he has become more powerful than before! That’s how he annihilated the defense of Sunset County in few days and built his fortress for his overwhelming ambition.
Capturing Alamut’s fortress will require all your cunning and strength:
1. Battle strategy is vitally important here. First, don’t forget to bring rare items you’ve got from the former instance quests. You’ll find them useful once you enter the fortress. Demon warriors are much tougher than monsters in Cronus; some will cast spells to confuse and entice you in order to take you out of the action, others may explode suddenly after being killed and devastate the surrounding landscape. Remember, a Paladin will be of great assistance for this battle.


2. Terrain is no longer simple decoration. Pay special attention to the traps littered around Caria Fortress! The blizzard, thorn, thunder, rock, flame traps will cause your HP to continuously decrease, there even are some traps that contain a mix of effects and will stop you dead in your tracks. Teamwork is important, but there exist some traps that deal a huge amount of damage and can only be activated by multiple players. So try not to get caught in a blast. Be smart, or your team will die easily. There are also some barriers needing you to collect right items to disable them.
3. Side quests often provide hints to solving the main quest. We made sure they are not too difficult to complete, and always offer generous rewards along with an immersive storyline. So, if Alamut is too tough for you to tackle, try finishing some of the side quests.
4. Before reaching Alamut, you will receive a warm welcome by his loyal cadre. Their unique skills are deadly to the uninitiated, so I will give you a brief rundown of Alamut’s elite guards.

Watch out for the traps

Inferno Inquisitor
His faith in Alamut is unmatched. This Templar followed Alamut to the Demons when the lord lost his faith in humanity. The loyalty of the knight was such that Alamut granted him the Flame Cyclone and Flame Amor skills, giving this inquisitor the power of hellfire in both attack and defense. His dark strength can drag a target close to him and deal a critical hit.
Countess Sutton
Known worldwide for bathing in the blood of the virgins and infants in an attempt to remain forever young, this infamous witch was born to be evil! She can easily release a cloud of sulfur gas that enrages anyone nearby and causes them to attack anything they see! Anyone attacking her will receive rebounded damage equals to what she suffers.
Abyssal Overseer
Appearing to be the follower of Alamut, this demon knight is in fact the eyes and ears of the Demon Lord placed to make sure the Lord’s plans will run smoothly. Born as a demon knight in fire, he is second only to Alamut in this fortress! This infernal master of flames can summon fire monsters, create his image to attack enemy with fire, and summon some burning ivy to sprout and entangle targets on the ground.
Want to know about the final boss Alamut? There are still mysteries in this world. Maybe somebody in the fortress will know.
Today is a good day to die. What, you want to live forever?
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