Eudemons Divine Path to Be Unveiled on May 8th

TQ Digital is proud to announce that the Eudemons expansion, The Divine Path, will be unveiled to players on May 8th. In the expansion, the Twelve Olympians are planning to reorder the mortal world. Great adventurers will start the new journey in the once forbidden Divine Realm to then pursue god-like power.
Main New Features
Divine Realm
Adventurers will be able to enter the Divine Realm, in which they will observe magnificent statues of the Twelve Olympians, receive a series of new quests and have a glimpse of stories behind these omniscient deities.
The Godship
The Twelve Olympians have arranged a string of gritty tests to select the most powerful warriors in the mortal world. Adventures that can pass these tests will apotheosize, and obtain god-like abilities from those deities, called Godship.
Divine Eudemons
For the Apotheosis quest, loyal eudemons will accompany their masters to endure the ultimate test of the Olympic gods. After successfully passing the test, the 40-star eudemons will apotheosize with the adventurers, into divine eudemons.
Divine Equipment
As a deity, you can forge Divine Equipment, which contains abilities beyond a mortal’s imagination. Divine equipment can be classified in 5 ranks, and to improve the Divine equipment’s quality, the artisans must utilize some rare gems from the Divine Realm.
The Celebration Events
To celebrate the release of The Divine Path, the TQ team has also prepared a string of events for our vibrant community.
1. New Rewards for Class PK Tournament
From May 8th, the champions of Class PK Tournament can choose one gift pack as reward from the 3 options below:
Pack A: 25*SaintXO + 25*UniversalXO
Pack B: 25* SaintXO + 5 God Tears + 5 Oracle Stone + 5 Smelt Symbol
Pack C: 25*UniversalXO + 5 God Tears + 5 Oracle Stone + 5 Smelt Symbol
2. The Celebration Quests
There will be 2 celebration quests for the release of The Divine Path: The Prayer Miracle & The Skyrockets. They are scheduled to be released on May.15th. From these 2 quests, adventurers will receive some helpful items for the new journey, or just set off gallant fireworks for the ceremony! More details coming soon.
The gate to the new journey is about to open. Adventurers of Yartland, prepare yourselves for the test from the deities, and take the road less travelled.
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