Eudemons: Events!

On the upcoming first Saturday of September, Eudemons will hold Mount Races from 18:00 to 20:00. There are 3 kinds of races:
– Reborn Sphere Rally (3 maps)
– Red Stone Rally
– Gold Rally
Two of the above three rallies will be held during the event time, each lasting 1 hour. 18:00 – 19:00 is the first round and 19:00-20:00 is the second round. There is only one rule; be the first to reach the destination. Ammo (Cronus 212,573) will tell you more about it.
Time and Duration
The 1st Saturday of every month
18:00-19:00 First Round
19:00-20:00 Second Round
Reborn Spheres, Red Stones, Gold, Exp
a 10-Star Mount
Ammo (Cronus 212,573): Introduces the quest details and sends you to the Mount Race map.
2nd Weekend Event: Legion Snowman
On the second Saturday, let’s have some snowy fun during this hot, hot summer! Come to Snow Valley and build the most glorious snowman Yartland has ever seen!
Enter Snow Valley. Legion leaders have to purchase a snowman site first. Then hunt monsters for the materials you need to build the snowman. Legions will be handsomely rewarded according to their snowman ranking.
More details will be coming soon! Make sure you don’t miss out!
3rd Weekend Event: Fairy Day
The third weekend will be great because the Demon Lords will drop lots of sweet stuff! But you need to hurry up as they are on the material plane for only 2 hours. Collect the quest items and then you will be able to swap with the NPC for your rewards every 20 minutes!
4th Weekend Event: XP Tournament
The 4th weekend, enter the event zone and challenge your XP limit! Winners will be handsomely rewarded according to their ranking. And the top character of each class will receive extra prizes for their outstanding performance!

Eudemons - Mount Race

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