Eudemons: Expansion Preview

In the new expansion of Eudemons Online – the Divine Path, the Twelve Olympians will descend to the mortal world, and seek the most powerful warrior. Those chosen ones will be gifted with god-like power, after they have passed the difficult test – the Apotheosis.

Only the strongest warriors on the continent of Yartland are permitted to the Apotheosis. The Apotheosis ritual is located on the peak of the holy Hirus Mountains. Adventurers pursuing divine power have to possess a loyal 40-star eudemon. To reach the Apotheosis Land where the ritual is held in the limited time of 60 minutes, the mortal warriors must pass the 5 shrines built by the Twelve Olympians on the Hirus Mountains. The 5 shrines are Ares Shrine of Power; Apollo Shrine of Agility; Poseidon Shrine of Stamina; Athena Shrine of Wisdom; and Hermes Shrine of Spirit.
Each of the shrines is guarded by divine servants. To get through the 5 shrines, the challengers must wipe out swarms of devils, dodgy lethal traps and defeat the 5 divine servants. If the adventurers are killed or unable to pass the 5 shrines within 60 minutes, the challenge is failed. Eventually, the Twelve Olympians have arranged the ultimate test for the challengers – the 9 strikes of thunder from Zeus. After enduring these incredible strikes, the challengers will have successful passed the whole test, and are able to finish the ritual of Apotheosis and choose your Godship. Your loyal eudemon who accompanied you and went through the gritty battles will also apotheosize into a divine eudemon.

After the apotheosis, you will master power beyond imagination, and the limitation of human beings is no longer holding you back. Utilize the mighty power to serve the Olympic gods and fulfill your destiny!

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