Eudemons: February Event Preview

Eudemons: February Event Preview


February is a season of love & festival. Eudemons has prepared a string of fun events for their players to enjoy this special time of the year.

EO’s First Flying Mount Tournament (Feb.1st – Feb.28th)
EO’s First Flying Mount Tournament kicks off on Feb.1st. Players who own these celestial mounts are welcome to attend this amazing composing contest! After the event, the top 20 mounts in the rankings (all servers) will be awarded the grand prize of EPs & PPs!

Valentine’s Day Sales Promotion (Feb.2nd – Feb.10th)
A big sales promotion will be hosted in the Shopping Mall and Dresden’s store from Feb.2nd to Feb.10th to celebrate the upcoming sweet Valentine’s Day. Roses, garments, 7-Day garments and special crowns will be in store! You will save up to 90%! Try to be impressive on your date? Be well prepared!

Eudemons Online - February is the month of luuurve!

Valentine’s Day Quests! (Feb.10th – Feb.14th)
Valentine’s Day is coming. Goddess of Love will open Lover’s Eden for all lovers to celebrate this sweetest festival. The fairies will appear in Cronus, giving away free roses and other gifts as their blessing to all the loving couples! You can light up the fireworks to get blessed, have a Test of Love or hang a Heart Locket on the tree to send your love statement. Have fun!

EO Romantic Group Pose Contest (Feb.1st – Feb.21st)
A special pose contest will be hosted from Feb.1st to Feb.21st. Players can preserve the special moments with their beloved in game, and share their romantic screenshots with the whole EO community!



Eudemons Online - Heart Locket

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