Eudemons: Interview with g0d: To the Glorious Triumph of Teamwork!


Eudemons: To the Glorious Triumph of Teamwork!
Last week, a miracle was created on server LA/LV by g0d and his teammates, who bravely challenged Avenging Alamut and finally became the first team to pass this ultimate quest! You must be very concerned about how they made it. Therefore, the TQ team had an interview with g0d, and here comes the details!
Jean: hi there! This is Jean talking to you! ^ ^
g0d: hmmmm >.<
Jean: Congratulation on your success of passing Avenging Alamut!
g0d: it’s easy once you figure it out =) I completed it twice already
Jean: Very impressive, indeed! Before we start, I wanna say thanks for accepting this interview… Can you give us a brief introduction of yourself? I am pretty sure other players will be very interested to know more about you.
g0d: hmm… I’m from heaven, and I’ve been playing for… I’ve been playing since April 10th 2007.
Jean: Well, I think the first answer still counts! lol…How do you like the game? I mean, during years of developing, it has received some other expansions. Which one is your favorite?
g0d: this one =) the other expansions and/or quests are crazy simple, this one actually got people off their feet and challenge themselves. I like it a loooooooooooot!! Ha-ha!
Jean: Great to hear that! I heard that it took you and your friends 7 hours to pass the last quest. So how many times did you try? Did you ever think about quitting during the process?
g0d: That was the second try. The first try was just a preview, we weren’t planning to go as far, but somehow we managed to get to the third boss before Alamut. No, we didn’t think about quitting, after the first try, we were determined to go through. With my strategy, we did.

Alamut Strategy

Jean: Well, talking about the strategy. How many people were there in your team? What classes are they? And what kind of roles did they play? Can you give us more details on this part?
g0d: We have five in the team, all of us are warriors. m&m and I did the main job. The other two were backups after we run out of SP =P One of our team members fell asleep too!
Jean: Seriously?…lol…then I wish she could just manage to wake up in time to see the last glorious moment! Just kidding…^ ^
g0d: haha, she fell asleep…didn’t wake up
Jean: you know, there are so many players out there dying to know how to work it out… do you have any suggestions for them?
g0d: Nope, this will be an excellent opportunity for players to use their brain instead of asking people how to do it =) On the thread, I have posted how to pass it, for those that have read it, they know now. But I removed it on the next day, so people won’t know =)
Jean: I got it! The toughest part is the best part…
g0d: Yupyup~

Tough Boss Fight

Jean: Um…somehow I am still very curious about the 7 hours. I mean, did you come across any moment when you thought you’re almost done or you’d fail again, but eventually you saved your butts, just narrowly escaped!
g0d: I’m not sure haha, but I did notice that we only had 10 minutes left to kill Alamut. In fact, I think it was six hours or something, I just rounded up to seven hours.
Jean: Very intense!
g0d: Of course.
Jean: Now you’ve passed it twice. And I heard that in the second time, you had 2 hours left when you finished the quest?
g0d: The second time, I believed there was one hour left. Either one hour or two hours left remaining.
Jean: lol…good! And in the second try, there were only 2 of you in the team, right? Will you still try in future?
g0d: Absolutely, in fact I’m doing it now LOL…Just me this time. I brought my paladin in there as well since the quest requires MP and soul to activate the statues.
Jean: So do you think it necessary to build a great team to work on this quest?
g0d: Yes definitely, it was incredibly hard for me to communicate my strategy throughout the entire quest. I recommend players using a chat communication system when doing this quest. Skype, Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, etc… But we did it fine without anything.
Jean: Good suggestion! Do you think this quest will help players improve their gaming techniques?
g0d: Sure. It requires team work. But it doesn’t improve how players should PK haha
Before this expansion was released, I was doing PK all day long! I was permanent black name before the server merge even happened.But then I had to go white name due to this quest.

PK All Day

Jean: well I guess that’s a good thing This new expansion really get players addicted to it…What about the rewards? How do you think about the rewards?
g0d: I like the rewards, but I didn’t like the fact that the website announced when Alamut is killed, a moonbox will be rewarded. Jeffery later on stated on the forum thread that the moonbox is not a 100% drop. During my second time killing Alamut, the moonbox didn’t drop either. So my question is: Is the chance really low?
Jean: The moon box is not a 100% drop. But it was only your 2nd try. Maybe you will get it this time! ^ ^
g0d: Hopefully haha.
Jean: What about the other 4 quests. We never talked about them. Do you think they are fun or just a piece of cake?
g0d: Piece of cake =P. Actually, I think Alamut is the easiest now haha.
Jean: Oh, you really hurt my feeling. I haven’t passed it! T T
g0d: Awwh sorries xD
Jean: Nah…never mind, just kidding…
Jean: Did you celebrate it after your success?
g0d: yup, I went and ate ramen

Working Hard Ingame

Jean: So, before we conclude this conversation, do you have anything to say to other players? Any tip? And to our game, do you have any expectations? Or any suggestion?
g0d: Hmmmm……. Well everyone thinks the Carias Fortress quest is hard, but after you defeat it once or twice, it’s actually REALLY easy. Last night we completed it with only two people. The key to completing this quest is teamwork, lots of teamwork. Completing it alone is quite hard; even I’m having a difficult time right now. For the game, I expect the final quest like Alamut to have better drops in the end, not just shards. And I’d like to see TQ making more exciting expansions like this.
Jean: Yes sure. Our team has been working very hard to bring our players a refreshing gaming experience. And we are delighted to see our players like it! Of course, we will keep working to make the game better ^ ^ It will get better in future!
g0d: It does and it has, I noticed a tremendous change from the past two and a half years.
Jean: Very inspiring! Well, thanks for your time! Enjoy your day!
g0d: You’re welcome and thanks for the interview while I’m doing alamut =P
Jean: lol…
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