Eudemons: Join Halloween Events, Ready? Go!

Halloween is a festival in which ghosts walk and mingle with the living. Ghosts and spirits emerge out from the lower world to visit Yartland. Halloween online events are the climax of a whole Month of celebrations. The gate to hell is opened at midnight, and ghosts swarm into the world of human beings in search of food and money. To celebrate this festival, we are providing our players with a special quest: you can collect special materials dropped by monsters and pumpkins to fulfill the quest and exchange them for rewards. Kill the monsters and enjoy the feast of all saints!
The Forum event Halloween Treasure Hunting is just a warm-up. Many players has showed their great interest and enthusiasm in treasure hunting, at last most of them win PPs. Just join the team of treasure hunting without hesitation. It’s still on! More events will be added in the near future. Just wait and see!
Halloween offline events are under preparation now. All players will be invited to design their own special scary Halloween pictures and take part in the Scary Halloween Show by the Photo Design Page. After your uploaded pictures have been approved by us, you will probably be the shining star of the whole party and receive special rewards. A lovely eudemon Mage Peppy will appear in the web game during Halloween. Ready? It’s time to show your wisdom and patience in that game!
For more details, please pay attention to our latest updates!

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