Eudemons: Join the Halloween Forum Event!

Halloween is almost upon us. What do you usually do at Halloween? What’s your favorite online and offline Halloween Event? Please join the Poll in our Official forum to offer us precious advice. Or come and join the Forum Discussion EO Theater to share your interesting stories about Halloween with all of us. Halloween Treasure Hunting also comes out. Like it? Join this adventurous Treasure Hunting with your friends and have a good time!

Halloween Treasure Hunting

Duration: Oct. 8 – Oct. 17
Prize: 270PPs, 10 opportunities each day

How to win:
1. At 00:00 each day (PDT), the Forum administrator Coffee will add 10 cute Halloween pictures into posts. Players search among the posts to find the Halloween pictures and post the URL below everyday Halloween Treasure Hunting post.

October 8th Halloween Treasure Hunting information and submit thread please click here.

a) Post the URL link of the post which contains the cute Halloween pictures.
b) Include your character name and server name.

2. The first player to post the right URL will be awarded 270PPs in the game. Only the first post gets a reward. If it’s already been posted, look for a different picture.
By the end of each day (PDT 23:30-23:59), this post will be closed to sum up the results. The winner list will be announced in this thread. The PPs will be awarded within one week after Oct.17.

3. A player can win 270 * X PPs if he/she finds X(X>=1) pictures and post them first.

4. Modifying your post will result in a time change, so get the URL right the first time or you might lose your prize.

5. In order to show our attention to all players around the world, the beginning time of the forum wide event of each day will be changed a bit. Players can know the time in the relative thread.

Good luck to all!

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