Eudemons: Libra Eudemons incoming!

Eudemons: Libra Eudemons incoming!


Eudemons gets new Eudemons to give you more Eudemons while playing Eudemons!

A balance weighs and measures, and so are Libra natives. As the only symbol in the zodiac that is inanimate, Libra represents justice. Libra Eudemons are the embodiment of equality, harmony, and balance. They are elegant, charming and naturally kind and generous. They can also be very tough, though. Whoever intends to violate the divine principles of justice and fairness will suffer the wrathful vengeance of these celestial beings. They will do whatever it takes to eliminate profane sinners. They could be your best partners in battles!

Astral Eudemon – Libra Deane (Mage)

Astral Eudemon - Libra Deane (Mage)


As a mage Eudemon, it holds sway over the forces of nature. This Eudemon’s fantastical appearance often distracts opponents from recognizing its true power.


Astral Eudemon – Libra Dillon (Warrior)

Astral Eudemon - Libra Dillon (Warrior)


Its power has been greatly promoted after rebirth. It can devastate anything in the world with its huge sword, and it can judge good and evil with its scales of justice.


Astral Mount – Libra Snow (Mage)

Astral Mount - Libra Snow (Mage)


Astral Mount. This Eudemon has a gentle appearance, ivory white plumes and purple armor. Perfect for nice romantic romps across Cronus.


Astral Mount – Libra Flame (Warrior)

Astral Mount - Libra Flame (Warrior)


Astral Mount. With its shining plumes and noble armor, it looks like a fireball streaking across the skies. It should be the perfect mount for anyone looking to turn some heads.


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