Eudemons: New Expansion – The Divine Path

With the power of deities, the mortal world is to be reordered. According to widespread legend on the continent of Yartland, the true chosen hero can open the gate of the Divine Realm, and obtain god-like powers.

The legend may have some truth to it, in the universe of Eudemons Online. The TQ team is glad to announce the new expansion – The Divine Path in the first half of 2009. In this expansion, the Twelve Olympians will descend to the mortal world, and open the land which was once forbidden to the mortal. Players will start a brand-new journey in the Divine Realm, exploring mysterious regions, hunting exotic monsters and even pursuing new god-like skills.

During this journey, players will be assigned a series of dramatic quests by the Twelve Olympians, which gives you a glimpse of the stories behind these deities. From these legendary quests, you can create your status in the history of Yartland, and even rise as a new deity!

For more information for the expansion, please pay attention to new updates and announcements.
The Divine Path – Take the road less travelled.

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