Eudemons: New Features Coming in August

August will be one of the most exciting and bountiful months of the year for all EO players! Want to know why? Just check what we’ve got for you!
Home Warehouse
Still think the castle is not useful enough? Gathered lots of items but not willing to go back to store them? Then, you should not miss the HOME WAREHOUSE. You can not only store your items anytime by accessing your remote storage space, but also increase the storage space available to you by leveling up your home.
Celebrity Hall – Privileges
Logging into the Celebrity Hall means not only fame and the glory, but also some real privileges.
Here, we have offered 7 privileges to those who have earned this honor.
1. Enable to claim an EXP reward every day, which can be stored 3 days.
2. One special time for the On-the-spot Revive in PK Tournament.
3. Celebrity Protect. That means you will have 50% chance from dropping items when killed by Non-Celebrity players.
4. One more teaching time for the top 200 everyday.
5. One free rose for the top 200 everyday. Female players can also send flowers to female players.
6. New emotions to use.
7. Cool coats for the top 3 players. The first place will receive Divine Armor, the second and the third Saint Armor.
Legion Coat
As Legion Leader, are you eager for a unique uniform for your Legion members? Just imagine your entire Legion dressed up in the Legion colors and on the march… That will surely strike fear into the hearts of your enemies!
These amazing new features are coming soon in August! Many more are yet to be revealed!

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