Eudemons Online Expansion Preview – Divine Level

Eudemons Online’s new expansion – The Divine Path is scheduled to be released on May 8th, 2009. In this new journey, the Twelve Olympians will open the realm which was once forbidden to mortals. The brave adventurers will be permitted to enter this Divine Realm to explore mysterious regions, hunt exotic Eudemons and pursue new god-like prowess.
In the Divine Realm, there will be a new main town, called the Elysium. In this divine city, adventurers will observe magnificent statues of the Twelve Olympians, receive a series of new quests and have a glimpse of stories behind these omniscient deities.
In contrast to the gallant Elysium, there is also a pastoral Blooming Garden in the Divine Realm. In this fairyland, adventurers can forget the gritty conflict for a while, relaxing among the lawns, rivers and fountains.
Back to the harsh battleground, those apotheosized adventurers will obtain a new attribute, the Divine Level, which will contribute to their Battle Power. Every grade of Divine Level contributes 1 point to the character’s Battle Power. The exclusive Divine Level attribute will make those apotheosized characters have higher Battle Power and overwhelm ordinary counterparts in a PVP. To upgrade the Divine Level, players have to gain Divine EXP by killing rare monsters, fulfilling quests or using special items in the divine realm.
The gate to the new journey is about to be opened. Adventurers of Yartland, prepare yourselves for the test from the deities, and divine your own legends!
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