Eudemons Online Promises Special Anniversary Events

What’s Special About EO’s 6th Anniversary?




It’s the 6th year of Eudemons Online, and this exciting, free-to-play MMORPG is far from over! Eudemons Online has grown up and changed a lot through these years, so what can we expect from the anniversary on June 1st?



Gamer Video Support

Games and gamers are inseparable. None of the games of today could have come so far without the help and support from their players. This anniversary, many EO fans have sent their videos to add to the official trailer. We’ll see players from all around the world in EO’s upcoming anniversary trailer. Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones to have their video included!




Real-World Gifts Giveaway

The in-game gifts are as great as ever, but there’s a special surprise for this anniversary! This time, TQ is offering special anniversary souvenirs from the real world! Check out these awesome Eudemon books & pins! There are altogether 10 unique pins per book. You can put them on your clothes, your bag, your hat, or any other place you like! Just join the Eudemons 6th Anniversary celebration events, and you’ll get your chance to grab these incredible gifts!




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