Eudemons Online Weekend Events

Four New Weekend Events Served Up Soon! 
Great news! More events coming soon and many at that! Specifically there will be 4 new events that you will be able to take part in. To commemorate the eternal battle against the enemy forces the queen has the following events planned: Fortune Mouse, Trolls Hunting, Seal Troll, and a Skyrocket event.


In the ‘Fortune Mouse’ event you will gather Fortune coins from an NPC and bring them to the greedy mice that just love them, of course. They will give you lottery chances so that you may win even more gold!


Throughout the duration of the ‘Troll Hunting’ event, any monster you kill has the possibility of causing a Troll to appear. We need you, acting as Troll Hunters, to go forth and suppress these creatures. You must kill as many Trolls as possible in order to rid the land of these vile beasts.


For the ‘Seal Troll’ event, you must buy a chest that obviously has a Troll sealed within. By killing the troll you receive experience, but be wary of where you release the Troll! Others can also kill the Troll before you; stealing the experience bonus!


The Skyrocket event will dazzle and amaze in exploding proportions, literally. During this event there will be two sizes of ‘Powder’ that you will combine with the skyrockets to fire them off. The small size will only give you experience while the big size will give those in the surrounding area (hopefully your friends) experience too.


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