Eudemons Online: What’s Under the TQ Digital Christmas Tree?

Another year has gone and once again, the festive season is upon us.
Christmas is coming to town, and Yartland! What we will have in Eudemons Online? Christmas wallpapers, E-cards and flash games!

Christmas Wallpapers
We have prepared some Christmas themed wallpapers for the Christmas decoration of your desktop. You’ll find all your favorite Christmas icons here, such as trees, mistletoe, reindeer, candy canes and much more!

Eudemon’s Online Christmas Ecards
It’s time to start mailing out your Christmas cards to friends and relatives! Wouldn’t it be great if you could send them all electronically? Well… You can! And it’s 100% free! The Eudemons designers have prepared some elaborate E-cards for you. Please log-in on the E-card Page and select an E-card you like. After providing your email and the recipient’s emails, you can send out the E-card together with your greetings.

Christmas Flash Game: Tumblin’ Eudemons
The Flash game “Tumblin’ Eudemons” is just a warm-up for the upcoming Christmas celebrations in the world of Eudemons Online. Santa Claus has come out to play with many cute eudemons. PPs will be the rewards he gives to the good children, while the bad children… well, they’ll just have to polish their skills! Ready? Go!

Christmas Batch Hatch
On the night before Christmas, all across the world, millions of children will be tucked in their beds while “visions of sugarplums dance in their heads.” When they awake, they’ll find Eudemons mages in festive dress, to hand out Eudemons Eggs to you! Roll out of your bed and join the Christmas Batch Hatch! Perhaps, you will be amongst the lucky participators and the top prize will be sent your home!

Christmas Slideshow, Win PPs!
To celebrate the Christmas Days and the coming New Year, we invite all players to join our slideshow event. Use screenshots of Christmas Events and make a slideshow, share your slideshow on a social Network or blogging site and then Post the original links of your slideshow and the links of the sites you shared to on the thread. You’ll get PPs! The more slideshows you make and the more sites you share to, the more PPs you will get. It’s easy – just try it!

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