Eudemons: Patch 1139 and 1150 Released For Celebrity Hall

There must have been such a long time for you to wait for the launching of Celebrity Hall. Your dream will be realized right after the maintenance added this Tuesday. Being allowed into the Celebrity Hall is an honor for only those who are courageous and reputable enough. The Celebrity Hall is a new world for you to strive for; a new height for you to bring new meaning to your profound efforts. The teleporter can send you to the Celebrity Hall whenever you would like. As the name would not suggest, you may murderously attack anyone you so wish to. It is a place of carnage and chaos; a grand battle royal of epic obliterating proportions. If you are among the top 1,000 strongest players in your server and wish to test your mettle, just prepare yourself and enter the Celebrity Hall!
Patch 1139 and 1150 will be released on Oct.21st at 0:00 PDT (GMT-8) for the launching of the Celebrity Hall and some other updates are also added. The maintenance will last about an hour.

After updating, you will enjoy the following features:
1. More legions positions are added.
2. Celebrity hall is added.
3. Legion EP can be used when enchanting Eudemon totems.
4. Team interface is modified.
5. The highest level is 138 now.
6. Eudemons can have 5 Eudemon Crystals or Expballs every day.
7. Path-finding is added in DarkCastle.

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