Eudemons: Patch 1157 Released for Thanksgiving Quest

Thanksgiving Day is a special time to send thanks to your friends and relatives. To express the TQ team’s appreciation and thank players in this communal festival, Eudemon Online have prepared a series of Thanksgiving Special Quests for you.

Duration: Nov. 27th ~ Nov. 30th

The quest series consists of 3 quests, all about Gobblers. There is no doubt that a delicious turkey is an indispensable part of Thanksgiving. However, this year, there is a shortage in the turkeys usually supplied to CronusCity! You, as a hero, have no choice but to stand up and save people from this Thanksgiving crisis.

Gobbler Run
In the quests, players will be able to collect Gobbler eggs and different types of Gobbler meat in the Gobbler Farm by playing “hide and seek” or slaughter poor Gobblers. With these fresh ingredients, you can further prepare a delicious Gobbler BBQ feast around a campfire for people in CronusCity and yourselves. Inevitably, you will then have to defend yourself against the outraged retaliating surviving Gobbler Fighters and Warriors!

Gobbler BBQ
Players can look forward to rich rewards; such as Eudemon Egg, Double Exp. Time and other amazing gifts. Also, you will enjoy immersive gameplay and a Thanksgiving atmosphere.

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