Eudemons: Taurus Eudemons Coming in August!

They once were the strongest deities on Hirus Mountain and the nightmare of the evil monsters. In the first war of defense against the Dark Emperor, they fought bravely but fell in the end. The Demon Lord cursed them with black magic and locked their soul into the body of Taurus Eudemon.
The body might be dead, but their soul lives on! For thousands of years, they’ve been waiting for a chance to come back. All their sadness, confusion, and fury have turned into a great source of power that makes them unstoppable. Now the demon is returning to ruin the divine land and it’s time for these great divine soldiers to fight back!
Strong, dependable Taurus leads the way when it comes to any difficulty or danger. Stable and conservative, Taureans are among the most reliable of the zodiac. Definitely, they will be your best partners in world of Eudemons!
Taurus Furies (Mage)
Legends say that it was the first deity fell by the Demon Lord. It was said that a god was immortal, but a god is still vulnerable to the wicked black magic of the Demon Lord. So this deity transformed all his sadness, confusion, and fury into a Eudemon. Naturally, this Eudemon is quite good at magic casting.
Taurus Mars (Warrior)
Once, it was the strongest deity in Hirus Mountain, called Mars, the deity of warfare. Although he was cursed into the form of a Eudemon, you shouldn`t look down upon him. Born without equal, this Eudemon will haunt the nightmares of those who meet it in battle.
Coming soon in August!

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