Eudemons: Taurus Eudemons Offline Event

Taurus EudemonThe

Taurus Eudemon you’ve all been waiting for is just around the corner! To celebrate the arrival of this new member of the Astral Eudemons family, EO is hosting an offline event from Aug.5th to Sep.5th.

During this event, players who enter the event page will be able to check their astrological match, with which they can find out what signs match their own. And don’t miss out on our hot discussion groups as well! Each week, players can debate a new astrological topic and vote for who they believe is right! We will select one best debater every week according to their performance and number of votes. The winners will be given a Taurus Eudemon as a prize!

Don’t wait! Come on and join in the fun!

Enter the event page!

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