Eudemons: The Divine Path Expansion Preview – Divine

The TQ team is proud to announce the Eudemons expansion, the Divine Path, is being released this May. In the expansion, the Twelve Olympians are planning to reorder the mortal world. Great adventurers will start the new journey in the once forbidden Divine Realm to then pursue god-like power.

In the universe of Eudemons Online, you will never venture out alone. In contrast, the loyal eudemons always accompany you and provide their unhesitating support in every single battle. Just as they will in your new journey in the Divine Realm!

For the Apotheosis quest, the challenger must bring at least one strong eudemon with 40 stars to endure the ultimate test of the Olympic gods. After successfully passing the test, the loyal 40-star eudemons which accompany you go through the test will apotheosize with you, into the divine eudemons. For your other cherished eudemons, you can apotheosize them into divine eudemons with the help of the mysterious gem – the Holy Summon. Apart from apotheosizing the common eudemons, adventurers will also have a chance to obtain rare original divine eudemons – Saint XO, Saint O, Icy/Golden Unicorns.

Compared to ordinary eudemons, these divine eudemons possess extra attributes – Valor, Spirit and Wisdom. Valor is the main attribute while Spirit and Wisdom are sub-attributes. These attributes work together to determine the quality and potential of the divine eudemon.

The divine eudemons will undeniably do great extra deeds for their master on this brand-new journey. However, only those with Godship can control these powerful creatures. Get yourself prepared for the descent of the Twelve Olympians, pursue these godlike powers and divine eudemons in this forbidden realm.

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