Eudemons: Upcoming Expansion – Demon Rising

Eudemons: Upcoming Expansion – Demon Rising

Following the successful release of The Divine Path in the first half of 2008, the TQ team is proud to announce that EO’s new epic expansion, Demon Rising, will be launched on Dec.11th, 2009. As that day draws ever closer, the anticipation builds to a fever pitch! In the past few weeks, we’ve revealed the background story and the 5 main Bosses. Now, let’s check out some new features!
Rotten Sepulcher
As Defiler descended into the Abyss, so began the age of corruption…Rotten Sepulcher used to be the place where generals of noble birth are buried. Somehow it has become a secret dungeon where the demons managed to seduce those lost souls and lead them to the abyss.

The Rotten Sepulcher

Most of the demons in Rotten Sepulcher were born noble. They were thirsty for eternal life, but in the end all they got was permanent misery. All the confusion, anger and guilt have turned into a great source of power. They obtained both godlike and demonic skills. Be very careful when stepping into the Sepulcher. Keep your distance when you are confronted with them. Don’t be distracted by strange visions and sounds. In this cursed tomb, killing is not your only purpose. Lift the curse on the Undead Knight to let his soul rest in peace. Kill the Wailing Banshee and Rot Walker. Always keep in mind that Defiler’s sins can only be washed away in a torrent of his blood. By passing this quest, you will get the key to Caria Fortress and the chance to face Avenging Alamut.

Kill the Banshee

Lament of the Fallen
Rafael was the most outstanding Swordsman on this continent when he was alive. He was buried with his Sword Soul which is said to contain his energy. Legend tells that anybody who finds it will possess unsurpassable power.
Lately, the rumors about the haunted graveyard spread everywhere. Some expeditions tried scouting the area only to find that demons have already infested it. The entire area is spellbound. No wonder, they came for the Sword Soul. They seem to be preparing for a peculiar ritual, surrounded by some icy seals. Don’t touch them casually. Prepare yourselves for toxic winds in the grave, otherwise you will surely suffocate. After crossing several barrier, you need to pull the monsters into the Altar and kill them. No matter what, you have to summon Rafael and kill him to claim the Sword Soul before those evil demons do!


The Night Watchers


Frozen Burrow
Far away from the continent of Cronus, there is an icy island lying in the heart of the ocean. For hundreds of years, countless adventurers rushed into that place in search of a divine item, the Frost Armor Scroll. It is said that the ancient deities have blessed this armor with a supreme power which can stand up against the fiercest flames. It will be of great help in the final battle. Before you go off half-cocked, just keep a few things in mind. The Hive Queen Deborah is keeping the divine armor herself but she will not show herself. To get to her cage, you have to eliminate her 4 generals: Scropion Oberon, Steel Morgan, Toxic Russ and Spawner Dima. Strong armor will be indispensable for defending yourself from the blizzard. You’ll be encountering all kinds of situation, so always be prepared.

hive Queen

Duskwolf Cliff
For centuries, the wolves have protected the Lunar Stone, which contains a magical power of healing. People believe that once they possess the stone, they will be granted protection from demonic attack. However, its peaceful retrieval is now impossible because the Demons have already invaded Duskwolf Cliff. A dark ritual has transformed these animals into brutal creatures…There is no doubt that it will be an extremely tough battle.
The mysterious bush is full of unexpected dangers. Tarantula and Black Widow are guarding the entrance. Kill them and then use the blood sacrifice to open the portal to the top of Roaring Wolf Hill. Stop the Pure Wolves’ ceremony and summon the Wolf Shaman. After killing this evil sage, you will finally reach Pack Leader Takoma and the Lunar Stone will be within your grasp!

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