Eudemons: VIP – ignore the Time and Space!

Cronus is a great city. The thing is, if you go to one place too frequently, even if it is Elysium, you will find it a dull place, too. Sometimes, you’ve got no choice. Every time you need to withdraw items from your warehouses, deposit eudemons and eggs in your Eudemon Warehouses or hatch the eudemon eggs you get from the monsters, you have to go back to those cities for help. What’s worse, if you can’t even remember which warehouse you’ve deposited a specific item, you know what you will have to go through! No one likes to waste time on the way, but, do we have any options?


There is a kind of people called ‘Very Important Person’ (VIP). But in Eudemons Online, we define these three letters as ‘Very Important Player’.

As a VIP, the circumstances mentioned above will the last things you need to worry about! You can enjoy the privileges below:

1. You are authorized to remotely open your warehouses in any cities. In other words, you don’t have to waste your time in running between cities and you can deposit your precious items in any warehouses whenever you want in case they are robbed by other guys.

2. You are authorized to open all the Eudemon Warehouses remotely. You may have deposited some eudemons or eggs in different Eudemon Warehouses. With this privilege, eudemons can be instantly summoned to help you. Want to hatch more eudemons? Just open the warehouses and take out the eggs you want.

3. How long will it take you to hatch an egg? Yes, the answer is 12 hours, but that’s for the common players. As a VIP, you will be provided with a hatcher of your own! Guess what, the whole process will only take you 3 hours even if you are offline. Awesome?

4. You may collect countless eudemon eggs of various types during your adventure. How to deal with the eudemons that you don’t need? Drive them away? Don’t be so generous. Now we give you another option. Some eudemons can be exchanged for points, certain amount of which will bring you useful items or a better eudemon you need.

5. Want to try your luck? No problem. VIP can pay 28 EPs to have a lottery anytime and anywhere.

Time and space can affect something, but sometimes, time and space can be nothing.

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