EVE Online: Inferno Now Available

EVE Online: Inferno Now Available


EVE Inferno


CCP Games today released EVE Online: Inferno, delivering the latest war-fueled update to its 9-straight-year growing playerbase. The 17th free expansion to EVE aims to create a fascinating upheaval in EVE’s undivided “sandbox” universe, where entire economic, political and social ecosystems are completely run by players, their imaginations and their actions. The opportunities created by the expansion’s new features and changes are tremendous for new and veteran pilots alike.



“If you’ve ever had dreams of piloting a spaceship into a full blown Sci-Fi war of thousands of ships, EVE is your game and Inferno your expansion. Or, if you’ve been skirting the edges of conflict for years, there are going to be some pretty compelling reasons to put your hull at risk,” says Jon Lander, Senior Producer of EVE Online.



The recently released EVE Online: Inferno trailer illustrates the wealth of features, amazing new graphical effects and new support for mercenary gameplay in a universe full of explosions and profit.


EVE Inferno



Key features of EVE Online: Inferno include:


Missiles and Launchers: savor every moment from launch to impact with missile launchers and dramatic new missile effects

War Declarations:
reworked systems to help you wage war and keep track of your legacy

Mercenary Marketplace:
pay the best guns-for-hire to settle your scores, or make yourself available to the highest bidders in the most notorious PVP universe in gaming

Factional Warfare:
enlist in a faction and join the entry-level game of conquest with more rewards and deeper gameplay than ever before

Visual Updates: Enhanced graphics on ship models and increased options in the industry-leading character creator

Plus kill reports, unified inventory, 16 new modules, frigate re-balancing and dozens of enhancements to both UI and gameplay



Check out the trailer celebrating the launch here!

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