[Event] Baldur’s Hate 6/26-6/30

[Mm]Baldur returns from the grave for 5 days ONLY to exact his revenge against the MUtizens and [Mm]s who could not save him from his final fight with Kundun. His appearance has changed, but his power and skills have only increased during his stay in the land of the Dead.

If the MUtizens can defeat him as he travels from Map to Map on his Undead Dark Horse, the rewards will be great. There will be no set time for this event, but there will be two battles per day (8 total), and announcements will be made on all P2P Servers. The battle will take place on Server 5, so the event is open to all P2P players.

The treasures that [Mm]Baldur carries with him can be taken by force if enough powerful MUtizens get together and bring him down. Moonstone pendants, mid-level armor and weapons, even excellent items will drop during this event, as well as jewels of Chaos, Bless and Soul. Stop [Mm]Baldur before he can complete his revenge on the Continent he used to protect.

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