Everquest 2 Producer Announces F2P Transition In December

Everquest 2 Producer Announces F2P Transition in December



Everquest 2 producer Dave Georgeson made the long expected announcement earlier this week that Everquest 2 plans to transition into a freemium payment model similar to Lord of the Rings Online and DDO.



Customers will now have the option of becoming free, silver, or gold members of the game with various benefits as listed below:



For current Platinum customers, this service will no longer be offered to new players. Those who continue to pay into the platinum service will not see any change to their services. However if you drop this subscription plan at any time, you will not be able to renew it.



This comes along with Dave’s promise of much more content updates in the near future, namely the Age of Discovery Expansion Pack which is already available for preorder. If DC Universe is any indicator, this change should breathe new life into the aging Everquest 2. Hopefully they use their time wisely and brace for the increased server loads so they can avoid some of the issues plaguing the DC Universe Online relaunch.

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