Exclusive Aion 2.1 Patch Notes with Increased Rewards!

Exclusive Aion 2.1 Patch Notes with Increased Rewards!


NCsoft is delivering its biggest in-game environment change to-date with Aion 2.1, hitting PTS today, November 11, and then the live servers November 17. Aion 2.1 brings players significantly increased drop rates along with a consistent in-game event schedules (Dredgion and Fortress Siege times) ensuring more meaningful and rewarding play experiences.


Aion Increase the Rewards

To showcase the extent of the increase in rewards, NCsoft looked to Victor Shugo, an in-game character casted to lead a new experimental lab by the Black Cloud Traders Experimental Division. Victor, known for his brilliant yet dangerous research – charging phlogistonic aether with lightning, will use player hypotheses for his mad experiments. For his first lab experiment, Victor took to Fire Temple, Beshmundir Temple and Dark Poeta to determine the exact increase in drop rates coming in Aion 2.1.


It was no surprise that comparing 2.0 and 2.1 drop rates revealed a significant increase. In fact, this update to the gaming environment is the single biggest change ever implemented by NCsoft across its entire portfolio of games.


In addition to the rewards offered by increased drop rates, NCsoft is introducing the Aion Adventure Guide. The guide is designed to give players advice on where to find level-appropriate in-game content that will help with progression and reward them with items along the way. Crafted in-game messages and guides let players know where to go to find game content (quests, instances) that help progress them to the next level and give them hints on how to use new areas, such as the Abyss, and systems, such as Stigma Stones to their advantage.

By addressing very specific recommendations given by our western players and supplying the Adventure Guide to help players expand their experience and resources in game, NCsoft’s commitment to reward players for their time is readily apparent. Now more than ever players will reap the rewards of their time as the Aion team readies Aion 2.5, slated for early next year.

For more information, please visit the Aion Powerwiki.

Full 2.1 Patch Notes
This release includes the 2.1 updates from Korea, and many additional fixes for the English client. We have tracked down many inconsistencies between item/monster/NPC names and the blue in-game dictionary links, and have changed (usually) the dictionary link so that they match up.

– Greatly increased the drop rate of all main (Eternal/Fabled/Heroic/Superior rank) gear from instance boss monsters.
– Greatly increased the drop rate of all main (Eternal/Fabled/Heroic/Superior rank) gear from field boss monsters
– Greatly increased the Item drop rate of gear dropped by all monsters. This includes:
– Drop rate of Common/Superior Weapons, Armor, and Accessories.
– Drop rate of Heroic/Fabled Weapons, Armor, and Accessories.
– Increased the drop rate of the main items acquired from treasure boxes.
– Increased the drop rates of all Skill Manuals and stigma stones dropped by monsters.
– Increased the drop rate of fluxes dropped by monsters.
– Increased the number of Common/Superior rank fluxes.
– Greatly increased the number of Heroic/Fabled rank fluxes.
– Increased the drop rate of Superior rank manastones dropped by monsters.
– Fixed a problem in which a few items dropped in Instances were not temporarily tradeable, as they were supposed to be.
– Anurati’s Corundum Earrings/Turquoise Earrings
– Fixed some items’ stats, which were not working as intended.
– The Enmity Boost of Laize’s Leather Pauldrons (an Asmodian quest reward item).
– The Enmity Boost of some Elyos/Asmodian coin reward items.
– Added a Strike Resist stat for Pazuzu’s Nephrite/Jadeite Necklaces and Sorolov’s Jewel/Crystal Rings.
– Added new designs for Tailoring:
– Master Carved Firm Mask (Both Elyos and Asmodian)
– Master Carved Prolix Veil (Elyos)
– Master Carved Hoca Veil (Asmodian)
– Increased the skill level required for some crafting designs:
– Handicrafting: Major Dragon Blood Stone (450P -> 470P)
– Tailoring: Inert Burning Balaur Blood Stain (450P -> 470P)
– Fixed the problem where the Hide Detection Effect was not working properly for the Asmodian Oculazen Candy.
– Added new potions and food that will be dropped by monsters.
– Changed the appearance of the “Dragonbound Shield” item.
– Fixed the tooltip for the “Defender Captain’s Jewel” so that it shows the item’s stats correctly.
– Moved some gatherable items from areas where gathering is not permitted.
– The issue of some items appearing incorrectly upon equipping has been resolved.
– Fixed the system message that appears upon using an Explosive Bead in Kromede’s Trial.
– Changed level 55 “Stalker’s” item series to “Tracker’s” items to distinguish them from the level 50 Stalker’s series.
– Changed “Unfest Candy” to “Graveknight Candy” to match the monster that it transforms you into.
– Changed the names of some quest items, which had mistakenly been given the same names as the quests they belong to.
– Changed the dictionary names of some items, where they did not match the names of the items themselves.
– Changed the quest item for [Elyos] Deathsong Dangers quest from “Crasaur Flipper” to “Crasaur Fin” to distinguish it from the quest item for [Asmodian] Irresistible Soup.
– Fixed a bug where the design for the Worthy Darkwater Orb was mistakenly labeled “Design: Worthy Darkwater Tome”.

– [Chantra Dredgion] Fixed a problem causing the bulkhead between the Armory and Gravity Control not to show up sometimes.
– Fixed an incorrect system message that popped up when a player trying to enter Kromede’s Trial was not eligible to enter it.
– Fixed a bug causing the entry level for Alquimia Research Center not to display properly.
– Fixed an error in the resurrection popup message that appears when a character is in an instance where they can resurrect at the beginning of the instance. This popup would only display when a character had left their group and then died.
[Udas Temple]
– Reduced the level requirement to enter the Udas Temple and Lower Udas Temple from 52 to 51. It is no longer necessary to complete an entry quest.
– Boss monsters in the Udas Temple and Lower Udas Temple will now sometimes drop a Fabled grade accessory:
– Anurati’s Corundum Earrings / Turquoise Earrings
– Debilkarim’s Corundum Necklace / Turquoise Necklace
– Kingspin’s Corundum Ring / Turquoise Ring
– Malika’s Leather Belt / Sash
– Changed the appearance of the armor and shield items that can be acquired in the Udas Temple to look more like Dragonbound items.
– Forsaken Temple ~ Series
– Anvilface’s Drenium Shield
– Anvilface’s Malevite Shield
– Increased drop rate for the “Jotun Vault Key” in the Lower Udas Temple.
– Decreased the number of monsters spawning in the Udas Temple and Lower Udas Temple, and also decreased their Max HP.
[Beshmundir Temple]
– Fixed a bug causing Dorakiki the Bold not to aggro the surrounding monsters when pulling a Spiritmaster’s summoned pet in Beshmundir Temple
– Fixed a bug causing a second protector/guardian monster would spawn when a player attacked Dorakiki the Bold in Beshmundir Temple.
– Decreased the difficulty of Beshmundir’s final boss, Stormwing.
– Slightly decreased the damage Stormwing deals.
– Increased the cooldown time of Stormwing’s storm skill.
– Decreased the number of monsters spawning in Beshmundir Temple.
– Decreased the abilities of all boss monsters in Beshmundir Temple.
– When combat begins with Isbariya the Resolute in the Beshmundir Temple, the exit door will now close, and when the battle ends, the door will open.
– The Mystery Box containing the Ritual Chamber Key no longer appears.
– Isbariya the Resolute’s transformation skill, “Sixth Sense”, now applies an altered state effect to the player.
– Made the boss monster Plaguebearer easier to defeat.
– Plaguebearer no longer summons its fragment when using its digestive fluid skill.
– Plaguebearer now uses its mucus skill less frequently.
– Reduced the combat range of boss monster Dorakiki the Bold.
– If you step out of Dorakiki’s combat range, the battle ends, and you are returned to your original location.
– The Incinerator Key, which opens the door to the Blue Flame Incinerator in the Beshmundir Temple, no longer disappears after use.

– Platinum Medal quest NPCs and Special Ordnance Quartermaster NPCs in the Balaur Fortresses will always spawn while the friendly faction is in possession of the fortress.
– Modified the type of weapons equipped by the Elite Aetherguards that Ulsaruks summon through Illusion Gates.
– Fixed a bug causing Stormwing, the final boss in Beshmundir Temple, to be aggroed by certain summoned pets.
– Fixed a bug where Saira Sharpeyes’s (boss monster in Gelkmaros) max HP was set abnormally low.
– Changed the design of certain daily quest NPCs’ costumes so as to be more distinctive.
– Fixed the bug causing guard NPCs by the Balaurea fortresses and artifacts not to be able to detect targets in basic stealth.
– Fixed the buttons on a handful of NPC vendors’ text windows back to the default buttons. (They had mistakenly been changed to player dialog.)
– Fixed the dictionary entries (blue links in quest text) of a number of monsters so that they matched the monsters’ actual names, including:
– Changed the names of the following monsters to match their dictionary names, because they were too vague and causing confusion with other, non-Lepharist monsters:
– Changed the name of the Lepharist boss monster “Scout Captain”, in the Halabana Hot Springs in Morheim, to Katerios, since he was supposed to be a named monster.
– Fixed a bug where NPC Harami in Inggison was mistakenly named “Design: Platinum Glasses”.
– Fixed typos in the dictionary links of various NPCs to make them match the actual names:
– Changed the name of the Lepharist “Laborer” mobs in Eltnen to “Druges” to distinguish them from the Laborers in Morheim.
– Changed the name of the Lepharist “Peon” mobs in Eltnen to “Plodders” to distinguish them from other Lepharist Peons.
– Fixed a bug where two different kinds of Worgs in Verteron were called “Violent Worg”, while only some of them would update the quest “The Forest Outlaw”. Changed the ones that do not go with the quest to “Aggressive Worgs” to reduce confusion.
– Changed the name of the Jotun named monster “Oddwood” in Lower Udas Temple, because it was mistakenly given the same name as another monster. The Jotun is now named Bergrisar.
– Changed the “Ashikar Assaulter” mobs in Gelkmaros to “Naduka Striders” because they were among other Naduka and had been mistakenly assigned to the wrong Legion.
– Fixed a bug where the adult Ice Canyon Griffons in Beluslan’s Roof, Beluslan, were called Griffos. Changed the adults to “Ice Canyon Griffons”. (Left the young ones as “Ice Canyon Griffos”.)
– Changed the name of the “Angry Bee Swarm” in [Gelkmaros] Antagor Battlefield to “Angry Bees” to match all the quest references and the dictionary name.

– Added information to the tooltip for the Sorcerer’s “Barrier of Severance I” skill about its damage absorption effect.
– Fixed a bug that would occur while players were transformed with that increased HP/MP. When certain skills were applied to players in this state, HP/MP would suddenly decrease as if the transformation effect was not active. This has now been fixed.
– Energy of Repose now grants additional Exp. for quest completion and gathering/crafting.
– When an Assassin checks “Only high-level skills are displayed” on the Active skill pane, “All-Seeing Eye I” and “Searching Eye I” skills will now display correctly.
– Fixed a bug causing Chanters to automatically acquire a skill when their Boost Physical Attack I skill reached level 25.
– Changed some items that were referred to as “Oruga’s” items to say “Kinquid” to match the monster that drops them. (There is no Oruga.)


– Reduced the prerequisites for Greater Stigma Quests.
– Now, players will be able to acquire Greater Stigma Quests without having to complete an Instance Dungeon entrance quest.
– Players will be able to purchase Greater Stigma Quest Collection Items with Shulack Coins without going through the Steel Rake/Dark Poeta instance dungeons.
– Group members can now simultaneously collect items for solo Greater Stigma Quests.
– [Elyos] Taloc’s Heart Full of Soul, [Asmodian] Stigma Expansion
– [Asmodian] Fixed problems that were hindering players from completing Stigma Expansion.
– Fixed the problem where Drakan Researcher wasn’t dropping quest items.
– Added Drakan Researcher to the link in the Quest Description window.
– Modified the temporary quest marker so that it will no longer be displayed when a quest updates because the player acquires Kinah.
– Added new quests that give out fabled class rewards in Inggison and Gelkmaros.
– [Elyos] A Weapon of Worth, [Asmodian] A Helping Hand
– Fixed a bug in the [Group] Pressing the Attack quest where, even if a player hadn’t completed the first part of it, the lettering would turn gray as if they had finished the second part.
– Fixed the error message that showed up unnecessarily for the [Elyos] Allergic Reaction quest reward.
– Fixed a problem where the following bundled [Asmodian] Field Warden armor items could not be unwrapped:
– Fugue Leather Gloves Package (3 days)
– Fugue Leather Gloves Package (7 days)
– Fugue Leather Gloves Package (14 days)
– Increased the quest timer on the following Beshmundir Temple quests from 5 minutes to 7 minutes:
– [Elyos] To Liberate Souls
– [Asmodian] Mired Souls
–  Added level 55 greater stigma solo quests.
– This quest can only be acquired if you do not have the existing level 55 greater stigma quest in your quest journal, even if you have completed that quest and are at the reward stage.
– If you have the existing quest and wish to get the new quest instead, you must abandon the old quest.
– Added new Groggie (Shulak coin) daily quests, which can be undertaken without joining a daily quest faction. Also, for the Groggie, greater stigma quest items, weapons, armor, and other items can be exchanged.
– Changed some Platinum Medal reward quests to daily quests. Greatly decreased the number of items that need to be collected.
– [Elyos] Decreased Exp. and kinah rewards for the “Teleporter Repairs” quest.
– Fixed typos in some quests.
– Fixed a bug causing some campaign quests to be re-acquired after a player had already completed them.
– If you have been affected by this bug, and have a re-acquired campaign quest in your quest journal, the game correctly treats that quest as if it has been completed.
– Renamed Reshanta [Elyos and Asmodian] quest “Giant’s Core Weapon” to “Petralith’s Cores”, to make it clear that it’s connected to the Petralith monsters. Renamed all associated quest items accordingly, and made their dictionary links match when there was a discrepancy:
– Changed [Asmodian] quest name “The Freezing Orb” and associated “Freezing Orb” quest item to “Frozen Orb”, to distinguish it from the “Freezing Orb” weapon.
– In order to give players an additional warning before deleting a character, changed deletion message at character selection screen from ‘Enter”Confirm Delete” to delete this character.’ to ‘If you delete your character, the items in your inventory, private warehouse and mail box will also be deleted. If you still wish to delete your character, please enter “Confirm Delete”.’
– Fixed the Gelkmaros map so that Spiritfall Gate now shows up correctly.
– Fixed the legion window so that the “last logged in” information will be updated when said window is closed then reopened.
–  Upgraded AionTweet from v0.7 to v1.0, and added some new functions.
– You can now join Twitter directly from AionTweet:
– Added a [Suggested] button in lower left of the AionTweet screen. Click this to get a list of suggested Aion-related feeds: (There are currently no suggested feeds for the NA/EU market. We will add these in an upcoming build.)
– You can search for any Twitter user on the [Search People] tab. This will display the same results as using the search box on the Twitter homepage:
– You can change your Twitter profile using the [Profile] tab:
– Click “Twitter Handle” at the bottom of the Profile screen to enter your Twitter ID as the note in your Social panel:
– Click someone’s ID on the list to view their profile:


– Fixed a bug that occurred when players used the “raise camera angle” option while in a windstream. Camera will no longer be locked looking up at the sky.
– Fixed the arrows for the Altar of Avarice and the Temple of Scales on the signpost in Angrief Ruins in Inggison.
– Fixed the problem where characters were not able to make any motions while activating artifacts in Balaurea.
– [Abyss] Changed all siege weapons so that they can now only be used near the fortress
– Fixed terrain bugs in both Inggison and Gelkmaros where characters were able to access areas that were intended to be inaccessible, giving them an unfair advantage over the other faction.
– You can no longer set up a kisk in these areas.
– Spiritmaster’s can no longer use their “Summon Group Member I” skill in these areas.
– Players who log on in these areas will automatically teleport to their obelisk bind point.
– Fixed a bug with the Gatekeepers in Gelkmaros, where players could bypass them and get through the gates they guarded.
– Fixed a bug in several parts of Mitrakand, in Gelkmaros, where players would get stuck inside the terrain and buildings.
– Fixed a bug allowing players to get through a wall inside Eltnen Fortress

Known Issues

– There is an issue with the face sliders during character creation. Dragging any of the sliders (except ‘facial ratio’) will cause the whole face on the character model to become invisible until the slider stops moving.
– Asmodian quest “A Helping Hand” and Elyos quest “A Weapon of Worth” are not currently available. If the player does manage to acquire one, it will have odd broken code in the quest journal entry and will not be completeable.

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