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Jade Dynasty, the highly anticipated martial arts MMORPG and third title from Perfect World Entertainment, is now open to the public!
The game world of Jade Dynasty is wide and varied, with 10 different areas for players to explore.

Jade Dynasty Map


Nestled between Jadeon and Incense Valley is the peaceful land of Sunstream. Renowned for its beautiful scenery, it is a hub of trading within the realm of Jade Dynasty. Players will begin their journey through Jade Dynasty in center of this land, Sunstream City. This is where players will receive their first weapon and set of armor, as well as first Esper and pet. Sunstream will also give players their first introductions to the five different factions of the game. No matter what path you decide, Sunstream will always be your home away from home.

Jade Dynasty Sunstream1Jade Dynasty Sunstream2



Jadeon is the self-named home of the Jadeon faction. It is a vast realm-mighty peaks that surrounded the peaceful valley that houses the Crystal Hall-the headquarters for the Jadeon followers. In Jadeon, players can explore Moontop Hollow to see the place where Jadeon the Revered found Regenesis, founding the Jadeon Faction.

Jade Dynasty Jadeon1Jade Dynasty Jadeon2



Atop the mystical Sumeru Mountain, rest the Skysong Temple of the Skysong Faction. The temple is a holy ground, with the constant lullaby of mantras floating through the air. It is a place of learning and healing, and visitors will find there are many lessons to be learned from the Factions members that live there.

Jade Dynasty Skysong1Jade Dynasty Skysong2


The Billows

Far to the east is The Billows, a land where the sea is covered in mists and the waves relentlessly crash against the waves. Safety can be found in the main city stronghold of the area, the Laguna Collective. The Billows is an area known for having many powerful and divine herbs, however, they are all guarded by frightening creatures.

Jade Dynasty Billows 1Jade Dynasty Billows2


Doom Bog

To the west of the river that cuts the continent is the Doom Bog. It is a vast swamp, and few living humans remain there. Most of those who dwell there stay within the walls of Brigand’s Keep. The Doom Bog’s Outer Marsh is filled with monsters and other horrors. The Inner Marsh is even more dangerous, filled with vengeful spirits. The constant rain keeps the entire Doom Bog wet, damp and cheerless.

Jade Dynasty Doom Bog 1Jade Dynasty Doom Bog 2


Wild Lands

Far to the north is the Wildlands, a vast and desolate desert. Dry as a bone, it has never rained and can easily lead an adventure to his death. There is at least one oasis though-the Wildland Sanctuary. This stronghold is reportedly the original sanctuary for the Lupin Faction. Now it is a sparsely populated safepoint for those brave enough to venture into the sand.


Incense Valley

South of the land of Sunstream, sits the beautiful Incense Valley. To rest and re-gear, an adventurer can stop at Hall of Surveys. The Hall is a quiet city, with ivy and greenery slowly overtaking the beautiful architecture. The quiet Hall and surrounding areas give way to the dark Soulflame Temple, which sits atop a lake of lava.


Southern Border

Farthest to the south lies the treacherous Southern Border. Nearly everything dwelling here has become twisted and will attack on sight, including forests of man-biting trees. To find a brief respite, find Seven Mile Cave. The cave is a beauty, filled with tropical trees and visitors may see the occasional peacock strolling the grounds. The Wansha Hall was one a place of learning and enlightenment, but has since fallen into ruin and is over-run with serpent creatures.


Kunlun Mountains

Beyond the dangerous Doom Bog, farthest to the west is the snow covered Kunlun Mountains. An ancient mountain range, Kunlun’s smaller peaks surround the Mountain Lake, where it is fabled that ancient dragons dwell. Those looking for a warm cabin and a friendly face should stick to the city Cold Cloud. It is a lonely land, cold and vast; but has always been considered a sacred ground.



Far to the north and east is the dark and ominous Shura. This land has fallen to great ruin, filled with the spirits and souls of lost warriors, now twisted for evil. Lost travelers can find quick refuge in the crumbling remains of a city, now known as the Floating Path to Hell. Much of the land is dwarfed by the great Djinn Palace. A bird’s eye view will reveal Shura lies much like the path of life-to one side, the path of hell into the palace, to the other side, the path of righteousness. Both will gain access to the palace, but which path is up to you.

Every location has its own story to tell. Pick your faction, and dive into the game world of Jade Dynasty!

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