Exiting online free-to-play Street Soccer for Europe!

GameMediaNetworks brings in exclusivity to European gamers Kicks Online, a multiplayer street soccer game free to play, developed by Entermate, Korea.

A new way for European gamers to engage crazy online matches with friends from all over!

What differentiates Kicks from other classical soccer game?

• Wide customization of characters, choosing from a large variety of objects and skills.
• play in a real street or in a dangerous rooftop!
• Great Team Play (Multiplayer Mode from 3vs3 to 6vs6). As in real sport, you’ll be able to penetrate opponent’s defence with individual and team management skills.
• Wide choice of character’s role choosing between 3 different field’s zones: FW(attack), MF (middle field), DF (defence)
• Extreme connection with reality: you could experience tackle, centering, overhead shooting and individual skills which you could see in real soccer. As it’s name “kicks”, feeling of hitting ball will provide thrills that you have felt nowhere.

Kicks Online will be available for beta testing on Gametribe.com this coming summer.

All you’ll have to do is create an account, download the client, enter the game where you could meet other friends and challenge them in an exciting football match!

Upcoming news, screenshots and trailers about Kicks Online will be available at www.gametribe.com, the GameTribe minisite (available as a preview of the upcoming ultimate online gaming portal powered by Game Media Networks).

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